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Three-Step Plan to Control Spending

Many people find themselves in need of short-term financial relief because of out-of-control habits. To avoid this pitfall, follow these three steps to curtail your spending.

Use Your Green!

1) Use your green. To avoid credit card debt and profligate spending, try to get into the habit of paying in cash. You will better internalize how much you're wasting, and it's easier to set limits. Debit cards and checks are also acceptable payment mediums, but physical currency should be your first choice. Counterintuitively, the more you use your money, the less you will need short-term lending services as you learn to pace yourself. Keep your credit cards, if you have them, in an inconvenient place (not your purse or wallet). Each, month pay your fixed expenses, like rent, utilities, insurance, etc., by check or with a debit card. For your variable expenses, like food, clothing, and entertainment, keep track of what you have left over after your bills and pay in cash.

2) Plan, plan, plan. A plan for your spending empowers you to decide where your money goes and can help you avoid unnecessary borrowing. You can start by making a list of all of your expenses each month. Track these expenses for 30 days to see how much you're really spending. Review your budget to make sure your money is going toward the things you consider most important. For example, most people don't realize how much they waste each month on meals out. You might find you spend a couple hundred each month on eating out, which might be how much you find yourself short when you need fast extra funds.

3) Save early, save often. The best buffer against money shortages and a need for financial relief is savings. Experts recommend a cushion of three to six months living expenses in your savings to cover unexpected events and expenses. Of course, you can start small. Decide upon an amount you will set aside from your paycheck each month and take it out before you pay your other bills. A good way to do this is to have a certain amount deducted from your paycheck automatically.

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